Why People Start Taking an interest in Fraser Residence Promenade Frasers?

Why People Start Taking an interest in Fraser Residence Promenade Frasers?

The Fraser Residence Promenade Frasers is located in the Jiak Kim Street Singapore, so you people can easily check it out. The project developers known as Frasers Property really make the project best and valuable. The site is widespread in the very big area even it has different units where you can plan to buy your place. Check out the layouts books that will help you to understand the site plan in detail. This could be really helpful for you so you should think twice before dealing.


As we have already mentioned that the Fraser Residence Promenade is located near to the great world City MRT station and Havelock MRT Station. Therefore, you can easily check out the majestic view of the Clarke Quay and the Boat Quay Area from your site. Moving further, there are some many other facilities that are provided by the Fraser Residence so you can easily visit that place and make plans to buying it. The location you have already seen then you should visit a website. If you find any question then simply talk to the sellers.

Interested people can Register

If you are satisfied with the facilities of the Fraser Residence Promenade, then they can easily make their mind to buy it. Simply register yourself at the official website. Simply enter your name in the given box and then type your email address in the next box. Due to this, contractors are able to contact you and make plans to buy the suited place at the Fraser Residence Promenade. In addition to this, don’t forget to share your phone number in the form because they will definitely call you.  Your provided information will stay safe you can click on the Anti Spam while filling the form.

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